Taurus [April 20th to May 21st]

#MeTime: As your planetary patron Venus finishes her last full week of touring in Gemini and Mercury, Gemini’s patron, prepares to go direct next week. This could symbolize a desire for you to finish and nail down some projects and ideas that you’ve been getting off the ground.  They don’t all have to be work-related, but you are looking to make good with some of the “adventures” you’ve had over the last year.  Get as much as you can done, but know that some of these ideas will be on-going projects. So prioritize rather than think everything must come together all at once.


#Heartstrings: You’re still all about settling into your groove; so your fun isn’t electric, but it’s easy going enough for you. That’s what matters, ultimately. The full moon may pinch a little bit of your time with loved ones. You might feel more pressed to continue on your grind than getting down with significant others. But if you put a little effort into communicating your particular goals to accomplish (and keep some time restraints in how long you devote to them), you’ll find that your peeps will be more willing to roll with you than feel like you’re rolling over them.

#MoneyMoves: A Leo full moon can shed some light on what’s happening next with your career and how to anchor those next steps with what feels comfortable for you.  The two are not always the same. With Jupiter in Taurus, a lot of last year was about getting out of your comfort zone in order to expand.  Now you’re not looking to get so much out of your “new” comfort zone as much as to better settle into it.  This full moon seems like a great time for that to happen.  Many of the ideas that had been bandying about over the last few weeks will start to settle down and show you the way, almost like lights along a runway.