Taurus [April 20th to May 21st]

#MeTime: Fortunately, for you and all of us, the moon mellows out in your sign midweek and that likely signals a “break-time” for you. You’re still very much in your own “bullish” phase this week and you’re more likely to feel on the go to get more done than care about whether you’re really enjoying it or not. No bueno. You’re the leader of the “Good Life” for all of us, Taurus, and if you’re not living it, then nobody’s doing it better. Work hard, but let beauty inspire your intentions and moderation guide your actions.


#Heartstrings: The upcoming Mercury retrograde at the end of the week spells a time where you may feel a need to be secure in your spot, as in knowing that you’re clear on who you are, what you believe, and how you express your sense of truth and integrity.  This might smack of you just being “stubborn” or set in your ways to others, but that’s only for those who aren’t truly paying attention. You desire to be “rooted” not because you just enjoy being stubborn.  You’re not going to be moved by nonsense or someone else’s power play masked as having “no particular intention” at all. So if you put your foot down about something, you don’t have to keep putting your foot down especially when you remain unconvinced by somebody. You can put your foot down once and keep steppin’.

#MoneyMoves: Prospect mining for gold is actually picking up steam again, though perhaps not as much as the “Forty-Niners” of the 19th century. That’s probably a good thing because prospect mining seems to be one-part “a call for adventure,” one-part attempting to finance one’s life by frenzy and another part just back & heart breaking labor that’s inspired by glittery dust floating in tons of mud.  So, no, this isn’t a horoscope to get you to think about becoming a prospect miner. There is a lesson to learn from a prospect miner, though.  It’s worth the back & heart-break for glittery dust floating in tons of mud IF you feel a call for adventure now and the frenzy is NOT the whole of how you finance your life.  It’s kind of useless to say that all that glitters is not gold, because that’s obvious to you. But when it is, it could be pretty foolish to pass up an opportunity because it’s not enough gold.  Sometimes you don’t know that until you break a sweat.