Taurus (April 20th to May 21st)

The moon’s first quarter after the new moon is great for moving intentions forward with action. This 1st quarter so happens to fall in Scorpio at the top of the week and that may parallel emotional and physical obstacles bobbing up for you. Of course, obstacles can be squeezed into opportunity, but the making of that ain’t a lot of fun. The one piece of balm and ease that may come with all of this may come around the weekend when Venus goes into Libra.  You share Venus, your sign’s patron, with Libra, so work may not be as tedious as it normally would be. But, still, wading through the feelings of others while trying to keep up with your own feelings AND work demands can’t be comfortable. I recommend finding a spiritual or meditative activity toward the end of the week that lifts your spirit and soothes your mind.

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