Taurus (April 20th to May 21st)

One of the enemies of many Taureans is inertia. Y’all can get locked into a chill mode that’s way too hard to defrost. However, the short answer to thawing out the inertia is not simply action. Yeah, it’s not “do something, dammit!” that changes the game; it’s “do something bold!” that will stir the pot.  If during this week you find yourself contemplating an idea that keeps buzzing in your mind, your mouth goes dry, you feel a little shaky and you have no idea how all the parts come together, PAY ATTENTION to that idea! You can fine tune it as you go along, but that idea is a neon sign of boldness that might light the road to not only getting unstuck but a little pot of gold to help you go farther along. 

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