Taurus [April 20th to May 21st]

#MeTime: A Venus in Cancer will probably mean that it’s finally summer for you.  I know we’re over a month into summer, officially, but I suspect you’ve been a little more into your grind than most would associate with the “easy living” of summer.  As a child of Venus, you’re associated with sweetness and taking life easy. That probably was harder to do with Venus in Gemini.  The question is whether you are you ready to ease into this sweetness?  Probably not. It’s not always easy for a Bull to shift gears, but it is time to make the shift.


#Heartstrings: It might be easier to feel like you can “let your hair down” so to speak once Venus goes into Cancer on Tuesday and Mercury stops retrograding on Wednesday. You might feel a little less stuck in your ways and even a little more adventurous, though everyone, including you, should keep in mind that you don’t like to feel pushed into anything.  It also helps that the middle part of the week features the moon in your sign and that’s sure to feel like a cool breeze to chill you out a little more.  So your “heartstrings” are supple and ready to be played.

#MoneyMoves: Mercury’s current expedition in Leo makes me think of the Royal messenger on a safari in your house.  Except during the last three weeks he’s been retrograde, so Mercury’s more like a stranded royal babbler who can’t leave. Now that Mercury is direct again, he can be on his merry way, but not before he “helps” you clean up some of messes he’s made for you. During his expedition, you probably didn’t notice his shenanigans as much because you were preoccupied with your own ideas and re-focusing your career goals. So now is the time to notice the small mound of papers needing your attention or the messages on your voice mail that haven’t gotten a hearing and most certainly haven’t gotten a calling.