Taurus (April 20th to May 21st)

Your genius this week seems to be in the revision or reviewing of things, especially whatever you “sketched” out or touched on last week.  This is where your delight in ruminating or chewing things over pays off, because you haven’t acted impulsively.  In fact, you might want to wait until Pluto gets right with the world on Friday morning to set off plans or ideas you’ve been warming up to. Pluto plugs into how you get at the truth and beauty of some of your deepest desires. In fact, you might want to track back to projects, feelings or swirls of intentions that you may have attempted to get off the ground in mid-April and at the start of Taurus season to see what else you can unearth and get up and running. Generally, you’ll feel grounded and clear-minded to stay motivated and upbeat.

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