Virgo [August 22nd to September 21st]

#MeTime: Unresolved conflicts and challenges from the last two years or so, especially any starting from November 2011, can be resolved now. But you’ll have to seek the resolution gently without pressing too hard or allowing opportunities to speak up slip away. The key is creating space for another to slip into rather than pushing them a point.


#Heartstrings:  For the record, creating space means that you open yourself up, both emotionally and literally, to the possibility of either a reconciliation or a resolution. (The two are not the same nor do they have to be.) You don’t have to ingratiate yourself or put yourself way out there. It could be as simple as responding to a “frosted over” email from a little while ago with a “hi.”

#MoneyMoves:  Now that Jupiter’s gone out of his retrograde, you can expect some clarity and motion on the job/work front too. Of course, keep your expectations close to what you can accomplish rather than selling yourself or others a big bill of exasperation (masked as enthusiasm).

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