The lines that always seemed so clear before this year aren’t going to be as clear anymore.  You can chalk this blurriness up to Neptune, the planet of blurriness, imagination, illusion and glamor, going into Pisces, your opposite sign,  for the 1st time in 165 years.  Of course, this could be alarming for you as your sign are the princes and princesses of precision.  But let’s clarify a few things first.  Precision for you, contrary to the myth of your publicity, isn’t always about being neat, clean or even right. It’s about efficiency.  If it’s efficient for a Virgo to have a messy place, that’s what it’s going to be.  Neptune is all about messing up that sense of efficiency this year, so stop tryin’ to fix your metaphorical wig.  In relationships, this means that you might learn to be a little more intuitive about which  of the foibles of partners and potentials you’re going to focus on.  The first quarter of 2012 may be figuring out what’s happening and why suddenly you either can’t stand anybody or you want to love everybody.  As the year continues, you get your bearings and get into an adventure of re-discovery about people and things you either had decided to like or dislike awhile ago.  If you had decided that this guy or gal just wasn’t serious enough a year ago, for instance, don’t be surprised if you find yourself giving him or her a second look.  And it won’t be because the person would have changed so dramatically as much as you’re changing.  You’re not losing your sense of standards as much as loosening them, learning to pair ideal measures with messiness for greater accuracy and efficiency.  This picks up steam and range when Jupiter goes into Gemini, the career/status area of your life, in late spring.  This could signify a change in how (or even where) you work. In these difficult times, this could sound scary, but I invite you to embrace the liberating aspect of this more so.  It’s time to let the scruffiness of your passion surface and live the life you’ve been wanting, with greater efficiency…of course.


Your energy levels may fluctuate now between feeling really strong to sudden crashes in how you feel and what you can accomplish. Barring some individual health reason, you are likely feeling the boon of Jupiter in Taurus lending energy to your Virgo self and the temperamental nature of Uranus in Aries affecting your energy reserves.  This cycle of on/off is likely to become a bigger issue once Neptune goes into Pisces in February.  Of course, this affects a lot of your plans, but it’s a reminder not to value efficiency and getting things done over taking care of yourself.  Fortunately, the Uranus induced crashes aren’t as powerful as the energy boon you have when you feel great. So don’t fight the crashes unless they last for too long.  Then get a medical check up, if you’re concerned.


Mars, the planet of defense (and offense), is gonna be in your sign for half the year.  You may feel more on the defense now as if you have to conserve your resources and protect yourself from people intruding on you.  This could make things prickly for partners, co-workers and others who may have to relate with you on a daily basis.  However, what you may not realize is that the intrusion part isn’t only from outside, but it’s within too.  You may feel an energy drain, for certain, but it’s more from maintaining the stockpiles of ammunition you’ve built up to either be right (about something or another) or get it right (whatever “it” is).  Focus on getting it done to the best of your ability rather thinking that there’s some objective measure of “right.”


Although you find yourself a lil more loosened up than you’ve been most of the year, you will be taking a closer look at your friends and associates.  You may have your doubts about their ability to really be there for you.  A lot of people think about how reasonable you can be and how hard you work, but they may not be able to fully appreciate your more whimsical side.  This is especially true for lovers as well.  When you want to unloosen your belt and kick off your shoes, you like to frolic hard and feel supported and nurtured.  As Neptune gains more ground in your psyche from yonder Pisces shore, you want to know that others can be as sensitive to you as you’re being to them.  Most don’t realize how nitpicky you can be; so when your guard is down, you want to feel appreciated and know that you can really, really let go.


Have you heard of fuzzy logic?  It’s the idea that rather than looking at logic as establishing something as completely true or false, you look at the approximations and possibilities in between those two options. It’s kind of how your trackpad on a laptop works or a touch screen. It’s not about the precision as much as the approximate location of things.  I think you’re about to start your apprenticeship in mastery of fuzzy things.  This doesn’t mean that you won’t have any sense of right and wrong as much as you’ll focus more on the purpose and not as much on the precision.  This may liberate a lot of energy for you, but please don’t put it all into work.  Fuzzy logic could have pleasureable applications for you too, ranging from hobbies to hopping in the sack.  The early part of the season, once Saturn starts broadcasting from Scorpio, the sign of your life that deals with how you connect to people in your immediate environment, you may find yourself as a sort of counselor, helping others to probe beneath the surface and researching the nuances of all kinds of things and situations.

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