Virgo [August 22nd to September 21st]

#MeTime: This month’s retrograde of your patron planet, Mercury, at the top of the month is a cosmic reminder to dust off a recent dream or aspiration that could become more of a reality with a little sprucing up. Be sure that it’s a labor of love, though, rather than fear or the gilded glamor of quick success.

#Heartstrings:  As per usual, Mercury retrogrades can often herald problems with communication, especially on the relationship front. Fortunately, you get a more objective perspective on things just before Thanksgiving. I also think you’ll make a better effort to share your feelings as an olive branch than recite your reasons for why things went wrong.

#MoneyMoves: You might as well drop any grand pretenses of control with your finances at the start of the month. It’ll spare you a lot of wasted time from worry and frustration. Keep your spirits up and look forward to your prospects improving after the 17th.

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