Virgo [August 22nd to September 21st]

#MeTime: Well, we all knew that last month’s enchantment wasn’t going to last forever, so now you’re back to some measure of your normal nitty-grittiness.  Makes sure though that this doesn’t become a needling nit-pickiness, especially after Saturn seeps into Scorpio on the 5th.

#Heartstrings:  I often say that people often want to be “right” more than they want to be loved, rich or many other things.  It may sometimes feel wonderful to be “right,” but you always have to evaluate at what cost. Be sure you don’t alienate a dear one this month because you feel it’s better to be right.  It’s likely not to be worth it. Or there’s a better way to be “right” without pushing too hard.

#MoneyMoves: A good portion of this month may feel like you’re wading through mud attempting to stay clean. Don’t fret too much about it. Things will be easier to clean up after the 28th. In the meantime, don’t wallow in muck, hoping to avoid what appears the inevitable (getting dirty). Focus on getting through the grime the best and fastest way you can.

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