Virgo (August 22nd to September 21st)

Just as Mercury, your sign’s patron, appears to retreat in the sky during his retrograde now, you may feel compelled to be hermit-like for the week. It may not help that this Friday there’s a full moon that inspires too many folks to come off as loud, as if they’re bringing Broadway straight to your front door. It may not even matter to you that it’s Valentine’s Day.  However, it could matter for someone else. So it’s okay to just pop on the noise-cancelling headphones around those who are too boisterous for you, and let them enjoy the day. But don’t turn off all your contact with others. You might benefit greatly from a quieter Valentine’s, with a friend, family member or lover, where you have the space to shine a full moon light on what’s in your heart or what’s happening in theirs.

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