Virgo (August 22nd to September 21st)
The origin of the scientific method as we know it has its roots more in theology than what we now know as science.  We can start with Franciscan monk Roger Bacon, but we’d inevitably come back to this guy, Alhazen, from what we now call Iraq.  This means the Virgoan need to classify and analyze every little thing started with us wanting to understand ourselves by understanding the details of “God’s” world. Those wiki articles won’t get into that part. The idea was that we can know the world and that, indeed, God wants us to know. 1300 years later, we’re dealing with a completely different perception. You ain’t got to believe in God, but realize that the sum total for why you look at the parts is to FEEL and understand the whole. During this retrograde, you’re pressed to feel a part of the whole, not take too much apart.

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