Virgo (August 22nd to September 21st)
Finally some dust starts to settle and you can get a clearer vision of what happens next. Yay! But this is a tricky time too. You may set your sights and expectations for more to happen now than can be fulfilled, whether on your end or what others have promised.  And we all know how you get when someone, even you, breaks his or her word.  That’s why it’s important to sweat the important small stuff, not the silly small stuff.  You’re a master of details, but your mastery has to extend itself to basics now. See, some part of your career settings have been reset.  That’s when it’s important to be solid on fundamentals to set up things right.  This is where you’ll have to think about systems and best practices for the goals you’ve set for yourself, not get carried away by too many possibilities or “cool” innovations.

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