Virgo (August 22nd to September 21st)
The maiden that usually represents your sign frequently carries a stalk of wheat. Most see that as suggestive of the wholesomeness and “earthiness” of your sign. Well, yes, some of y’all can be very earthy and wholesome, I guess. But there’s something deeper about wheat that’s key to get right now. None of this, and I mean practically none of what we call civilization, would be here if we hadn’t learned to harvest wheat.  Wheat was the first crop we harvested that had enough nutrition, adaptability and sustainability to keep our once small tribes alive. So that maiden is carrying another message to remember the small things that make all the big things possible. That’s where you are this week. First off, remember basic nutrition be-cause you might be falling off with that. Second, work on identifying those things that are most essential for the next big thing you have planned.

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