Virgo (August 22nd to September 21st)
This week could cover a broad range of experiences for you, and it’s not just be-cause it’s the start of the holidays. You might start off intensely poring over details or thinking deeply about things. This may be one of the best uses of a celestial tran-sit between Mercury and Saturn at the top of the week. The way to waste it would be to be worrying or complaining about things that you KNOW you’re not going to change. So definitely stick to the things that you already have the wisdom and incli-nation to change. Once you’ve done that, the bottom half of your week may look dramatically different.  You may find yourself overdoing it in a different way, like being indulgent.  Although Luther says, “Never too much,” we also know that’s just a song. Enjoy yourself, but don’t let your eyes or stomach buy things that you know you don’t need.  

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