Virgo (August 22nd to September 21st)
Venus has appeared to move away from the earth for about 40 dayswhat we call retrograding. On Friday, she moves forward, which is good news for you because you should be able to better find your creative stride now, as a result. However, keep in mind some of the lessons you learned about natures efficiency from last week. Anthropologists and archaeologists have speculated that most of our evolution as a species is due to a desire to find the fastest and easiest way to do something. Wisdom can be found while aiming to do less work, but theres certainly no profit in not working at all. The key, then, is to work smart, not just hard, as the elders say.  The other incentive for working smart is more time for pleasure and fun. If youre single, flip your flirt button on and see what pings back. If youre already a part of a duo, then reserve extra special time for your boo.
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