Virgo (August 22nd to September 21st)


#MeTime:  Most people don’t hear half the thoughts you think or see the amount of work you do.  This week, they might only see a quarter of it all.  You may be feelin’ some hard-to-pinpoint anxiety about stuff, so you’re coping with it the Virgoan way: by staying busy.  That only really works if you do two things: use the “busyness” to revisit things and ideas that you’ve set in motion before this week and to stay open to inspiration as much as you are to perspiration.  There’s working hard, hardly working, and working smart. Combine all three and you get smartly working as if it’s not work at all. Do that, please.

#Heartstrings: Staying busy can also be a way for you to shy away from conflicts or uncomfortable situations.  Some of the anxiety you’re sensing is the incoming of Neptune into Pisces, your relationship sign. Neptune blurs lines that once seemed so clear; so you may feel indecisive or even sometimey about folks who you felt fit into clear and certain categories. Family could feel like associates, lovers feel like buddies and once trustworthy bosses seem elusive and vague.  Keep a level head without making rash decisions.  Just know you’re not going crazy, only going through some changes.

#MoneyMoves: The secret to unlocking your money mojo is not to get into the nitty gritty of details (as you’re prone to do), but to start looking at your process. As the week grows long, your vision should too.  Use the concern (or flat out worry) you have about finances and work to motivate you to look at why you do certain things at work or how you work out your finances.  It’s efficiency vs. effectiveness. Business guru Peter Drucker said this about the difference, “Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things.” Let your intuition be your guide and concentrate on being effective now.