Virgo (August 22nd to September 21st)

Perhaps it was from Neuro-linguistic programming—all the rage of the 70s and its pop resurgence with motivational speakers in the 90s—that the words “cost” and “price” were transformed into “investment.” I’m with that for you this week. You may have to part with sweat, money or both to make an “investment” in how you project yourself or use your generative/creative powers to impact the world; but it will be worth it in the months ahead.  If instead you focus on the cost and price of things, then you’re only thinking about what you’re losing, not what you stand to gain. You are not gambling here. Gambling is spending money on things that you can only guess about, but not actually control. But what you do with this investment is up to you and that’s not a worry issue, but a “work-it” issue.

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