Virgo [Aug 22nd to Sept  21st]

#MeTime:  You just might fall down on your knees and thank the heavens for the upcoming Mercury Retrograde, because it might be the first time in weeks that stuff seems familiar. Right now you might feel like you’ve found your fave chain store or restaurant in a foreign country.  But don’t get too comfortable, because the transformation you’re undergoing is for keeps, if I’mma shoot straight.  This week is the time you surrender to recognizing that you’re learning a new way to think and connect with the world.


#Heartstrings:  You’re more speculative and willing to take a risk than your usual stilo of getting lost in luscious details. In fact, you’re willing to wax poetic and philosophical with potential and present partners because 2012 is all about the big picture. It’s exciting to break new ground, but it’s also hard work and requires patience. You’re not usually short on patience, but your love of scrutiny and detail could derail things if you suddenly feel like you don’t know where any of this talk is going.  That leads to the impatient part.  Not knowing ≠ Not worth it. Keep that formula in mind as a sort of mantra this week.

#MoneyMoves:  I don’t want you to get paralysis of analysis or anything; but before you drop some serious ducats, I want you to think thrice about what you’re getting.  The first Mercury retrograde of 2012 is upon us within a week or so. As a child of Mercury, you know that means you’re gonna have to slow your roll in some form or fashion. Then this week Venus, the natural patron planet of money, gets a red flag from Saturn, the original “Rain-on-your-parade” planet.  All this spells the need to really be sure what you desire is in your heart and not on “repeat 1” in your star struck pupils.  If you find it in your heart, then enjoy. You’ve earned and deserve it, and vice versa.