Virgo (August 22nd to September 21st)

#MeTime:  With this week being the first full week of Neptune fogging the windows of your relationship sign, Pisces, this would be a good time to find some quiet time to sit with yourself, rather than a whole bunch of folks.  Essentially, you’re going through a whole brain revolution now. Generally, people think of Virgos as left-brain folks—logical, sequential and analytical. Neptune is here to warm up the other side of your brain—the more random, creative and intuitive aspects.  So if a lot doesn’t make sense right now, don’t get too worried or judgmental about it.  Things are making a different kind sense. Give it time.


#Heartstrings: If you dealt with conflicts that cropped up last week, then you’ll find it calmer along the relationship front now. If you didn’t, then by the time the moon rolls into your sign later this week, you might feel a bit off-kilter and coming to conclusions that aren’t likely based on facts. And that’s really unlike you.  Everything is likely to feel a lot more personal this week, especially things that would normally roll off your back.  Before you step to what or whoever’s bothering you, though, step back to either think it over quietly or discuss with a friend who can be detached about what’s going on.

#MoneyMoves: The full moon this week turns the high beams on at the office or with your work.  This could have a few different effects.  Any thing that you’ve not been tryin’ to deal with or work around is in full view for all to see, including some folks you’d rather not have see it.  Best to be upfront about it or deal with it directly before it becomes a bigger problem. Another problem the full moon on blast is that you may not be able to see clearly what’s in full view, especially if you feel like you’re stuck.  Again, the way to get some perspective is to get a more objective view from a colleague or mentor.