Virgo [Aug 22nd to Sept 21st]

#MeTime:  Do you remember the first time you got on the World Wide Web on a dial-up modem? I do. Hearing the screeches, beeps and pings of the modem made me feel like I hearing the sounds of a collective unconscious.  It’s okay if you don’t feel me on that, but I suspect you may have felt some kind of way back then. This week might feel like that.  The upcoming 4-part harmony chorale between Jupiter, Venus, Pluto and Mars (in your sign) lets me know that you’re ready to move forward on some things now.  With all this muddling Neptune action the last month, things have seemed either tender-headed, so to speak, or werewolfish (as I said last week). Now, you seem like you can be more in tune with what’s going on within and without.


#Heartstrings: With Mercury about to go retrograde on Monday morning, it’s only natural to think that you would veer toward feeling out of synch rather than in synch with people. But I think this is because Neptune’s stumble into your polarity/opposite sign, Pisces, has been trippy enough that it only makes sense that the 1st Mercury retro of 2012 would make your world seem right side up again.  Of course, you’re on a different level than you have been, but you can expect that you’ll at times feel clearer about your needs and desires with folks than you have been in months.

#MoneyMoves: Now is the time to revisit some of the innovative ideas and changes you set in motion several weeks ago.  You might remember that I said that it’s more important to y’all to be efficient than somebody else’s idea of neat or orderly.  You’re likely to be attached to somebody else’s notion of orderly, but it becomes clear that in the workplace and with your money that you have to stay true to what works for you. You also feel confident to be a lil more assertive about a strong desire of yours.  Trust the wind is at your back and don’t be fooled by someone blowin’ metaphorical smoke in your face or anywhere else.  Your goals are reachable, so keep steppin’ forward.