Virgo (August 22nd to September 21st)

#MeTime:  Welp, now we’re past the ides of March and things seem like they’re still happening beneath the surface or at least on a simmer for you.  As we arc toward a new moon, you may go through a few moments where things come to a full boil.  First off, when the planetary god of war, Mars, gets in a duel with the Moon, some ish is bound to go jumpin’ and flyin’ for you.  You don’t have to freak out about this. Mars is about staking out territory, but he doesn’t really stop to ask is the territory his. So this is a moment to be crystal clear on what’s yours, what someone is attempting to claim and what you conveniently call yours but either really isn’t or something to let go, like a workout towel at the gym.


#Heartstrings: By the end of this week, we’ll be two-thirds of the way through the first Mercury Retrograde. Fist pump! I don’t think this retro is going to be so much about complete deterioration of communication in your relationships, as much as an emotional/vibe check-in. It’s gonna be more about the intangibles than the tangibles. Think more about whether people are feelin’ you (and you them) than hearing you or receiving your texts, emails or bbms. So be sure you’re listening as much with your heart as you are looking at all the details with your eyes.

#MoneyMoves: The middle of the week may prove a time when you’re a lil more on edge than normal with folks. You are not for the ultra-sensitive, nonsensical, or the mindlessly insensitive.  Or I should say that they’re not for you. So the end of the week is a much better time for you to do any customer service or public relations kind of activities.  However, you will be unsentimental with any slash and burning that needs to be done, like budget reformulations or severing a relationship with a vendor or company that has worked your last nerve for the very last time.