Virgo (Aug 22nd to Sept 21st)

#MeTime:  As Mercury dips back into Pisces before he stops his cosmic moondance next week, you might need some kind of translator this week and it won’t be because you’re speaking any differently.  Some of it might be people saying ish like, “It’s fruitless to become lachrymose over wasted lactic acid.”  It might take you a minute to get that they’re saying, “it’s useless to cry over spilled milk.” Sometimes people forget (or don’t know) how to keep it simple. Trust that you’ll get what they’re saying and that it is, indeed, decipherable.


#Heartstrings: Okay, this is the last (full) week of Mercury’s retrograde. You know how some things just want a dramatic finish? Well, it looks like Mercury wants to be that guy. It could be a lover who wants to have a pity party and accidentally sent you an invite. Or a friend or family member who blows up your phone with a series of txt messages only to say “Never mind” when you don’t reply within 5 minutes flat. No need to counter or cuss them out on your part. You might do better to let someone have their say rather than feel like you have to add more to it, or, God forbid, evaluate it. Just don’t. Some people are “last word” freaks, as they say. Let them have the last word, especially if it’s “good bye.”

#MoneyMoves: Your dreams and hunches could provide some clearer windows into what’s happening with your money (and life in general) than you might be comfortable with on the whole. This makes sense because the Sun in Aries is a big time to plant seeds for some real plants that get harvested around your birthday.  So start mapping out some bigger next steps for yourself and don’t split hairs over the details or the mechanics of the how as that’s going to change in about three weeks anyway.