Virgo [Aug 22nd to Sept 21st]

#MeTime:  Mercury Retrogrades can often throw y’all off; but as far as retros go, I don’t think this one should have been bad as much as peculiar. Some of this I’ll chalk up to some of the peculiarity to Neptune’s entry into Pisces, a planet that reflects the inner spiritual light of things that are hard to see correctly with your regular eyes and senses.  Pisces, your opposite sign, pushes you to feel and experience the big picture, so I think this retro would goad you to think more with your feelings, not just the facts. It was a much needed grace period for you to catch your breath and entertain whole new possibilities for your world. Now get ready for the next round!


#Heartstrings: It’s toward the top of the week when you’re more likely to be on edge than the bottom half. The Moon passes through hissy fight between Mars and Neptune on whose turf is whose.  This suggests that you might become a lil too concerned about a similar issue with loved ones or feeling the need to shield your own boundaries.  The way you could get on the other side of those issues is to pay attention to the Neptune half of the struggle too.  Mars always wants turf, but Neptune “believes” that the turf belongs to all. Actually, the moon gives you the answer: everything has its time. Use your keen analytical gifts to schedule the appropriate “turf” use for each person or thing.

#MoneyMoves: Venus changes seats this week into your career sign, Gemini, so we can expect a love tap in that department. This might foster more understanding, socializing and better communication with colleagues and associates.  You might also put some efforts into networking cuz you might find it easier to schmooze and connect with new people as well. Overall, your money holds steady this week with no need for serious adjustments. Next week is a slightly different matter, though.