Virgo [August 22nd to September 21st]

#MeTime:  Waking up late on an important day is a wonderful study in how panic or desperation mingled with excitement can make you brilliantly efficient. First off, you really find out how important an “important” day is to you. Second, you gain a new appreciation for how you might waste time with things, especially if you never realized that you were wasting time.  With Mars barreling ahead in Virgo now, this week may feel like an alarm going off…late. You may be tempted to tackle and undo what might seem like months of “damage,” but that’s your perception of “lost” time rather than it actually being “lost” time. Time is no more lost in getting to some things than it being “lost” with you not coming out of the womb knowing how to read. Everything happens in its good time. Oversleeping on an important day sometimes happens because we needed the sleep. Or neglected the rest! “Lost” time happened because we had different priorities at the time. Respect that. Or be more honest about your intentions.


#Heartstrings: It takes time for new things to find their right shape, whether we’re talking about a cake, a new project, a baby, or a new relationship.  If there’s a new romantic interest or you’ve reached a new dimension of an existing relationship, the top of the week could signal the end of a honeymoon phase.  It’s time to roll up your sleeves and work in the muck of love to keep some semblance of the shape of the relationship at first glance. The key is to work on the semblance of the shape, because trying to cut things too close to the actual, literal shape of how you first saw things is too much.  If your relationship (or lack of one) is at the same ol’, same ol’, this is the right time to take a closer look at how your intentions are matched by your work (or lack of it) on your relationships.

#MoneyMoves: The standoff at the top of the week between the Sun and Saturn in your celestial financial sectors symbolizes the lingering feeling of being a bit shook by the Pluto retrograde I discussed last week.  Don’t be caught out there: just because the economy catches a cold doesn’t mean you have to catch pneumonia.  You can take more proactive measures to fortify your financial health, especially once Mercury travels back into Aries midweek. You might want to start with the money you owe to others, scrutinizing the minute ways you build up debt or excess.  It might also be a good time to look into debt consolidation or closer scrutiny with interest rates, both what you accrue or pay.