Virgo (August 22nd to September 21st)

#MeTime:  There’s a reason why Virgos are known to be risk-adverse. Virgos can intuitively do a cost-benefits analysis of a situation or a person. Most times, if we’re honest with ourselves without a lot of extra emotion, the benefits are not that sensational relative to the cost.  But sometimes they are, and you may have an opportunity to find out this week. How will you know? First off, let’s be clear that not all benefits are tangible. Some risks are worth taking if only because you can reason that the venture will make you a better person, not because it’s a good or even sure bet. If you evaluate that the risk will make you better, go for it.  Another thing to consider (an astrology word), if the thought of doing something flashes in your mind like a blinking neon sign for a diner after starving all day, then it might also be worth the risk. Sometimes it’s good to trust your hunger.


#Heartstrings: It’s this hook-up between your planetary patron, Mercury, and Uranus, the planetary principle of “Flip the script,” that emboldens you this week, allowing you to be a little more open to flinging caution to the wind. However, flipping the script doesn’t mean that you do improvisation without rules. In fact, there are a few rules of improv sketch comedy that I like and find applicable to relationships, especially for yours now.  My favorite for you this week is the rule of “Yes, and…” as you’re probably more fond of “Yes, but..” It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about your sister or your soulmate. “Yes and” is about acknowledging the reality of your partner and building on it, not negating or limiting it.  Do more of that.

#MoneyMoves: Sons and daughters of Mercury, like Virgos (and Geminis), usually have the fortunate ability to sift through lots of information to figure out what’s important and worth preserving.  You may find this ability to be particularly sharp now and what better way to direct your attention toward your money and any of your moneymakers. This is yet another week to scrutinize your accounts and spending habits to see what needs to change to meet financial goals. Also, although Virgo is the sign “Most Dedicated To Improvement,” you may be contending more now with how to improve your understanding of something to share with another in some form or fashion, whether you’re a teacher or not.