Virgo (August 22nd to September 21st

Some say that the “antidote” for the unchecked ego in Leo is your sign.  I think that’s only partly right.  It’s one thing for some Leos to have an unchecked ego, but it’s another thing to scrub the ego right out of yourself.  This week is a key reminder NOT to do that.  Your ego represents a part of your psychological body that you need: to feel affirmed as someone worthy of doing the work you do; of receiving love for who you are; and as the raw material that’s “sacrificed” in order to do more.  People who wash out their egos (rather than keep theirs clean) have trouble with true service, if only because the task is larger than the “nobody” who shows up for the job.  With this new moon in Aries on Wednesday, here’s a reminder to believe in your ego, but none too much. Just enough to feel good and do the good work you do well. 

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