Virgo [August 22nd to September 21st]

#MeTime:  Have you met Sophia? She’s actually your higher self, the Virgin maiden of Wisdom. Many people, in general, and quite a number of Virgos, in particular, will pride themselves on what they know. That’s Knowledge. However, Wisdom isn’t about what you know.  It’s knowledge matched with who you are. Wisdom shows understanding of what’s known. With Jupiter and the Sun coming together on Sunday in your astro-sign of wisdom, Taurus, it’s marks a time for you start acting on what you know and from your higher self. It also is a caution to be mindful of your pride in what you know above how you live with what you know and share with others.


#Heartstrings: By midweek, you might have some neat categories to fit people into based on the minute ways they annoy you. Then as the week gets longer, if you don’t get too caught up with life stuff, it could dawn on you: other people are not responsible for what annoys you.  You’re responsible for taking action and how you respond to what annoys you, not them.  This will soften you. So have Sunday, or a day close to that,  as a Jubilee day, as a day where you let people out from the neat categories you had confined them and let them roam free, no matter whether they’re lover or louse, to be who they are.  If they turn out to be the same gradation of annoyance as before, then you can always re-categorize. 😉

#MoneyMoves: If you acted on the advice I gave a few months ago to broaden and diversify your skill set, you’re at the point where you can begin to see the pay off for that.  You can thank the bountiful Jupiter-Sun celestial love fest for that now. If you didn’t, then bad Virgo! (Just kidding.) If you didn’t, you’re at a different point now. You can discover more of what can really feed and sustains you; but instead of seeing the dividends now, you might be focused the costs.  The good news is that the cost is still greatly reduced than they would be if you were starting something two weeks from now. So…carpe diem. Trust that you’ve done the work to branch out; you’ve felt the hunger pangs; and now it’s time to feed your heart and mind.