Virgo (August 22nd to September 21st

As last week's eclipse marinates more in your consciousness, you may discover other plump, juicy morsels of insight and understanding. Or you might discover something fun to learn and understand. It's particularly auspicious to start the week doing that with friends or close associates. Overall, you're in a time of expansion, so it's no time to play it small in word or deed. Of course, this brings one of your key concerns to the fore: quality control. For others, they're content as long as something is "funky," unique, heartfelt or imaginative. You're happy to have all those things, as long as what's you’re doing is good as well. (We’ll pretend that you're not known for insisting on perfection.) No sense telling otherwise, so I'll issue a reminder: getting to good (or perfect) is a process, not just one single moment. 

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