Virgo [August 22nd to September 21st]

#MeTime:  You may come off as the exacting critic and judge that your sign is fabled to be this week. I call it fabled, because I have to respect that you don’t see your “faculties” that way. You might see your comments and “assessments” as just that and that’s fair. The difference between the fable and your story is how people, including you, read your intentions. Look carefully at your intentions as you “off-handedly” comment on something or somebody. It could be an unfair judgment if you’re thinking about what it should or could be. You can’t fault an apple for not tasting like an orange. But you sure can express your displeasure about tasting a nasty apple if asked.


#Heartstrings: A shard of metal can be used as a scalpel, a weapon, or a pen. It’s not enough to say that intention is the only thing that matters here, because that’s not true.  You can apply the wrong amount of force with the right intention and still hurt someone.  What changes things is monitoring how you direct your energy as well and that’s what you’re going to have to keep an eye on the most with folks. You might have a lot of “active” energy that needs grounding, either in some physical exercise, hot sex, or concentrated movement. But if it’s not grounded, you might intend to deliver a heartfelt desire and it comes off sounding like a demand.  So be sure you’re listening to yourself as you speak and how others are receiving what you say.

#MoneyMoves: Venus retrograding this week in your career seat of your Zodiac Lounge table, might make you a bit jittery this week. It’s not that your career or job is unhinged literally, per se. It’s time to acknowledge, again, that your relationship to your work and the people around it are changing.  You might find it easy to be motivated about every other thing except work, at least at first. The better way to deal with this jitteriness is to change how you “embody” your work. If you have a desk job, identify whatever tasks you can do away from your desk (while still working) and do those more.  For instance, if you can write something longhand or use your creativity without a computer, like using markers, go for it.  The more active motion you put in what you do, the greater you’ll feel connected  to your work.