Virgo [August 22nd to September 21st]

#MeTime:  Late last week, your patron planet, Mercury, went through something called a “Superior conjunction” with the Sun, meaning that it was kind of a new moon for it, a rebirth.  You might recall that the week before we did have a solar eclipse, a “real” new moon, and that pressed a sort of reset button for you.  This superior conjunction is confirmation that things are about to get shaken up again for you, but with a little more clarity than you’ve had over the last few months. It doesn’t mean that you’ll feel completely like your old self again, as lines are still not going to be as neatly drawn as they once were in your own head.  However, you start to feel, from a mental level, like you can understand more what’s been happening and what more can happen for your life.


#Heartstrings: As difficult as this may be to believe, you’re about to get some clarity or at least some resolution on why some of your relationships have been as wonky as they have been over the last year or so.  It’s going to be a hybrid insight of reason and intuition, so pay attention to those images and sudden insights that come out of the blue, especially as you’re doing something else like sleeping or washing the dishes while daydreaming. But please don’t get confused. The “reset” you’re undergoing from Neptune and Mercury now is not to redeem the past or to salvage relationship that’s been damaged necessarily. The reset is most definitely to move forward and go into the next round of relationships with a lot more understanding.

#MoneyMoves: Don’t be surprised if you start to notice things associated with work that you hadn’t noticed before, but perhaps should have. And, of course, you pride yourself as a detailed oriented person, so you may feel some kind of way as you might feel like you’ve been either slacking on the job or asleep at the wheel. Generally, I would say none of the above, or at least not enough for you to feel guilt or self-derision. Your desire to deal with more information and your ability to handle more has grown, put simply. It’s like rediscovering peripheral vision all over again. Draw on the new insights and perceptions and make them translate into some tangible benefits for you.