Virgo (August 22nd to September 21st

When people talk about religion, there’s usually a lot of talk about faith. But I think this solar eclipse coming up on Thursday may highlight a virtue that’s as important and profound: awe.  If there’s nothing in your life that inspires you or fills you with real awe, then it’s time to find something. Many Virgos I know would rather have fact before faith anyway. Awe, on the other hand, usually makes facts useless. The dread it flushes out gets you to appreciate how vast this cosmos is wherever you discover awe, even if you’re looking at “hairs” on a flea. Although “Awesome!” has flatlined so much our appreciation for what is truly awesome, that’s the butter for your bread this week, Virgo. Toward the weekend, don’t be shy about sharing this awe with people you trust and care about. You may kindle something powerful in them too. 

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