Virgo (August 22nd to September 21st)

For the last month or so, we’ve talked periodically about you working with a group to build up a newly cultivated passion, hobby or side-hustle. Although copious amounts of ink has been spilled by astrologers about your dedication to service blah, blah blah, there’s not as much said about the fact that you’re not always a team player.  You definitely can serve the cause, and you’re not above serving your own ambitions with others, either.  But often people’s idiosyncrasies (or little crazies) and commitment to mediocrity (even when they know how to do better) gets on your nerves. You might say, “I can do better and no worse on my own!” There’s some truth to that, but there’s a time to shine on your own.  Now’s not the time. Last week, I mentioned Virgo superstars Beyoncé and Michael Jackson. Might be hard to remember sometimes, but they started with groups too.

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