Virgo [August 22nd to September 21st]

#MeTime: Your mind is a like a laser now. So watch where you point that thing because you can either heal or hurt with your insights and clarity now.  The clarity may be the hardest thing to believe fully about now because it’s something that’s been in rare supply over the last few months.  You might even feel like you’re thinking like your old self, before the foggy Neptune months.  Well, don’t get too used to it.  Just as Neptune recedes, Jupiter goes into Gemini and brings a different challenge.  Just when you feel like you can finally “show your work” or detail the steps for how you reason out things, the answers turn up way different than you expect.  For instance, you can plainly see that a waiter has overcharged you for a meal, so you get the bill corrected; but you leave an extra tip when you also observe the bags under his or her eyes.


#Heartstrings:#Between Neptune retrograding and Mercury’s face off with Pluto this week, there’s not much that’s going to get past you. This won’t stop some people from trying you and it won’t stop you from caring a whole lot less than they do, especially if it’s petty. You may feel more drawn toward offering a pick-me-up for someone who you will clearly see is picking at you out of pain.  If you choose to get nit-picky instead, I suspect it won’t feel right.  Somehow, despite Neptune retrograding, you’re still drawn to the lesson that being right isn’t as satisfying as it used to be.

#MoneyMoves: Jupiter’s about to go to the head of your table at the Zodiac Lounge this week when he moves into Gemini.  This puts the Cadillac of planets in the captain’s chair of your career.  So it’s time to get your j-o-b groove on.  This week is an excellent time to re-envision where you want to go, even if you haven’t worked on all of the details or you don’t quite feel ready.  You may never feel 100% ready to make the moves you need to make. That’s why we love you, regardless. 95% is not 100%, but when you have someplace to go, would you knock 95% when 100% had no better or worse chance of getting you there? It still all depends on how far you got to go. You can “fill” up (and in) along the way.