Virgo (August 22nd to September 21st)

I always say that your sign represents the harvest time, as we experience it in the Northern hemisphere.  So that’s why Virgo’s known for separating the wheat from chaff during the harvest (and otherwise.) And the sign right after yours, Libra the scales, represents the moment that we take the harvest to market, to collaborate with others for an exchange of value based on the quality of our work or materials. But if we didn’t take our quality materials or work to market, we’d just have a bunch of harvested stuff. This is a metaphor for your life right now, Virgo. Please stop thinking that you can keep all your good stuff to yourself, that you don’t need anybody. You do. Stop frontin’, please and threatening to take your “marbles” home when things aren’t right with others. Mercury retrogrades on Wednesday, so take frequent breaks and breaths to keep your cool when others have lost theirs.

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