Virgo (August 22nd to September 21st)

What’s not often said about Virgos is that you’re not only detail oriented, but you can also be prone to obsession. (Or become the objects of obsession: the public’s obsessions with Virgos Michael Jackson or Beyoncé can attest to that. But that’s a different topic.) The Latin word for “siege” is at the root for the word obsess, and you may feel like your time has been put under siege. Of course, you’re the source of the siege, though. It could be working a detail for the hope of perfect bliss with a particular project; wielding a minor point home to seal up an argument; or a power struggle with someone over a trifle. You end up losing here, however.  You’re still not at that point where you need battlements or to lay siege to anything. Curiosity is, again, still a better resource here than precision.

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