Virgo (August 22nd to September 21st)

Standards are tricky business, as anyone in quality control will tell you. (And most likely, he or she has some strong Virgo in their chart.) We’d like to believe that standards are obvious, objective things that should be commonsensical and clear to all. But they’re subjective, totally beholden to somebody’s feelings about what’s important. This week it’s time to look at what’s behind your feelings for why something’s important, especially as you settle on standards with a partner or a group of people. You might think that standards speak for themselves, but every standard has a bearer…and a burden. Your job is to unpack your burden and perhaps lighten it in the process. You can “blame” Mercury going direct this week for this, but you’ll also have to thank him in short order.  You will raise the bar because it’ll be easier to reach without certain assumptions holding you down.


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