Virgo [August 22nd to September 21st]

#MeTime:  A gaggle of planets in Gemini at the head of your Zodiac Lounge table this week is gonna put some shine on your career, matched with a burst of energy to make things pop for you.  So you gotta watch out for that worrywart, workaholic facet of your personality this week.  I would stay physical as much as possible. But be sure to be attentive and respectful for your need to rest.  As Mercury retrogrades deeper into your consciousness, you may surface some concerns and thoughts that you thought you had put behind you. Think through them actively, i.e. while working on something else.


#Heartstrings:  Work makes a poor substitute for family or a partner, ultimately. This won’t stop you from thinking differently though.   Your work can love you back. (Sort of.) Your work can certainly keep your mind and heart occupied.  Your work can be with you in sickness and health. But your work won’t ever have a human face to smile back at you, though your work may involve working with people. It’s cool to love your work, but don’t forget that we work as part of the spiritual experience of being and sharing our humanity, intimately and vulnerably, even as people let us down and hurt us. Work might seem like “Ol’ Faithful,” but it ain’t the Real.

#MoneyMoves: Mars at the financial section of your Zodiac Lounge table means that there’s energy, focus and drive when it comes to your money. That’s the good news. Here’s the bad news. He’s squaring off w/ Pluto and Uranus during the middle of the week. That’s when he likes to clean house and go in. And keep going in. So you have to watch for any and all obsessive or compulsive traits now. This also goes for the tendency to resolve potential conflicts with folks or colleagues by striking first rather than seeking a better consensus or point of agreement.