Virgo [August 22nd to Sept 21st]

#MeTime:  I know a sista with strong Virgo in her chart that’s practically glowing these days. She’s never looked better. I know that’s not true for every Virgo influenced person I know (or don’t know). But I’ve been seeing something in other Virgo folks that I’ve seen in that sista and I’ve been wracking my brain to figure out what it is.  I think I have. Astrologically, it’s Venus and Jupiter doing the electric slide at the head of your Zodiac Lounge table. In plain language, it’s your commitment to curiosity and a renewed readiness to dive into the nitty-gritty of life with both feet.  That’ll keep anyone looking young and vibrant.  Hold on to that even when you have no idea how it all comes together.


#Heartstrings:  A pleasurable experience that people around the world have had less than global travel, financial comfort, physical affection and health, a nutritious and delicious meal, or free speech is a full-on orgasm or ecstasy. Think about that for a second. Even in the poorest country, more people can be more assured at least one good meal in life than an orgasm. (Many men have had ejaculations, but fewer have experienced the full bliss of orgasm independent of ejaculation. As for women, it’s also well documented how few women have experienced orgasms.)  For you, born under the sign of the Virgin, at this full moon in your pleasure sector, I want you to commit or re-commit to deepening your pleasure and experience of an orgasm, whether you’re single or duo.  Get a book. Watch a video. Take a course. Do whatever it takes. Your pleasure, as Madonna says, does not have to depend on the permission of another.

#MoneyMoves: Mars adds muscle and verve as he heads up the “money-earnin’” chair of your table at the Zodiac Lounge. It doesn’t mean that you’ll suddenly be bathing in guap, but it does mean that issues concerning your money will heat up. The positive spin about this is that you receive an internal push to stand up more for yourself and your money.  The downside is that you might have some initial spats with folks concerning money.  Although Mars’ tenure in the money chair lasts about two months, you shouldn’t have to battle with folks that long. So that’s the upside of even a downside.