Virgo [August 22nd to September 21st]

#MeTime:  According to astrology, different signs rule different body parts. Aries rules the head; Pisces, your opposite sign, rules the feet; and Virgo rules the bowels and small intestines.  I know it might sound like you literally got the isht end of the stick, but without the bowels and small intestines, we would be poisoning ourselves with toxins continuously. But sometimes we don’t let enough of the toxins out. That’s what I see as important for you to do during this Leo full moon this week. And I know just the thing: laughter. Laughter defies how you rationally process things and can run circles around any poisons you’re holding in. Find whoever and whatever makes you laugh this week to lighten up and detoxify.


#Heartstrings:  Fortunately, for you, this is the last full week of Mercury’s retrograde. Happy Dance. And this full moon in the same sign, Leo, should shake up some of this honeymoon infatuation you might have with work. I’m not hatin’ on it, but you may be in need of some socializing and possibly some vitamin D, preferably from the Sun. As the moon goes into your polarity sign, Pisces, at the end of the week, I highly recommend losing as much of yourself as you can with a friend, a lover or some water (in the spirit of Pisces). I would recommend combining all three, if possible, but then you might think this was Scorpio’s horoscope. j/k

#MoneyMoves: This is the last full week that Venus is going to be chairing your career committee from Gemini, after four long months.  While there I’m sure she did her damndest to reset your financial standards and needs. It doesn’t mean you had a windfall as much as you may have caught a better glimpse of how much you could earn. Venus is all about your “magnetic” power to draw what you value to you. You attract more of what you want in alignment with your thoughts and character. If you’ve been all over the place, now is a good time after this full moon to give a lot more focused attention to what you want.