Virgo (August 22nd to September 21st)

I imagine your birthday seems to spring on y’all with the beautiful precision of a old town clock striking midnight with bells—quietly celebratory, shouting out the night owls of the witching hour but unobtrusive for those who’d rather wait for dawn bells to chime. That’s really the remarkable thing about the real power of your sign: the art of using precision to make work unobtrusive yet remarkable enough for all to see or hear.  You may have spent the last few months goading those who may have been reluctant to see your wisdom, but this week augurs the beginning of something different. One significant thing is that Mercury, your sign’s patron planet, matures in what we astro-folk call a “superior conjunction.” That’s a good start for your season. It lets me know that you’re ready to learn some lessons more in the soul rather than just the mind. Others will notice.

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