Virgo [August 22nd to September 21st]

#MeTime:  On Wednesday, Mercury goes direct in Leo. Leo is one of the astrological “signatures” for how we express our individuality or egos. Your ego can get you to focus on the wrong things, as a text from a recent Virgo friend illustrates. She writes, “You ever meet someone who’s focused on the wrong thing? I have a boy with an “interesting” body odor. But instead of soaking his body in a mixture of carbolic soap and water, he gets his ears waxed because he has piercings. He says, ‘People I come in contact with pay attention to detail.’”  You are usually a master of focusing on the right detail. However, as Mercury rights himself, let this be a reminder from another Virgo (and perhaps the cosmos) to check that you are, indeed, focused on the right details.  This dude ain’t.


#Heartstrings:  Venus moves into Cancer on Tuesday, so you’re likely to show more interest in friends, associates or your membership in groups.  This actually could be an extension of the professional development period that Venus in Gemini had for most of the year. The difference, though, is on building your support team rather than clarifying particular goals and aspirations.  One hazard to avoid with Venus here is that that you may have your soul set on feeling responsible for others as a caretaker.  Be discerning with that. You can’t “serve” everyone AND it’s okay for you to be served in your dealing with others, especially in business dealings.

#MoneyMoves: The top of the week is probably going to find you most focused on your financial health than the bottom half.  There’s too much happening in your “money” rooms at the Zodiac Lounge.  You may find yourself thinking about the money you have to spend or that you’re losing on petty things and fees than feeling like you have the power to draw more. This should change more toward the end of the week when Venus settles more into Cancer and the Moon traipses into Gemini on Friday for the whole weekend. You’ll be able to better think about ideas to boost your income and draw some conclusions on where to make some cuts, perhaps starting as soon as next week.