Virgo (August 22nd to September 21st)
This first week of autumn may start off with you feeling heavy, but only if you take too much to heart. One of the big lessons for y'all is to realize that you can't figure out the world from the critic's box, even when the show you review the most and the harshest is your own life. You're probably still coming off the emotional build up you had from last week's full moon. Now is the time to share and consolidate the lessons you’ve learned from the last month and half.  After a season of re-learning to “play with others” and then the last month of getting re-acquainted with yourself, it’s time for a new level of professional development to peak at the end of this season.  So don’t keep a heavy heart.  Lighten it by busying yourself with service or teaching something to somebody. You’ll be getting newer instructions for next moves soon enough.

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