Virgo (August 22nd to September 21st)
Although you may want the dust to settle or clear now, it’s not quite time yet to get comfortable.  I know this could ignite your worrisome nature and get you to obsess over how things are going to unfold, especially if you don’t have a revised financial plan or a clear romantic course with somebody.  Well, there’s just too much celestial volatility to have things under your control. It’s your prerogative to hold on to control or your ideas of how things should go, but that could lead to unnecessary suffering and discomfort, especially toward the middle of the week. Similarly, there’s a likely change of plans with your finances that will require you to be flexible and innovative. You could even be along a course to a new way to make money.  So don’t be in a rush to fix anything or get vexed about what’s next.

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