Aries (March 21st to April 19th)
Just at the cusp of your birthday season, there’s more than a little bit that could crop up to piss you off. There might not be any use in telling you not to get pissed off, so I’d rather say be smart about how you express it.  Here’s the key: keep what upsets or angers you separate in your mind rather than let it all accumulate into one big mudball of mad. You’re more likely to roll over the wrong people with it than people who deserve your wrath, especially at the top of the week. Then you’ll have to spend the first few days of spring having to make amends and feeling sorry for yourself. If you manage to steer clear of that, you’ll have a lovely weekend to chill and spend quietly watching a movie, for instance, instead of drama unfolding in your life.

Taurus (April 20th to May 21st)
This week, you may be tempted to dig in your heels regarding some changes or re-arrangements at work.  You may not want to yield to an opposing viewpoint without the certainty that the change is going to be for the better. But take the weekend (and even the top of next week) to redirect your attentions, after which you will be able to write or speak about what’s going on in your mind and heart with trusted friends. You tend to like black and white facts and figures, but you could benefit a lot more from the grays of poetry, art or anything that stimulates your emotions and imagination. It will give you perspective.

Gemini (May 21st to June 20th)
I’m inviting you to start a revolution this week. Don’t worry, though, we’re talking less about you overthrowing anything and more about you throwing some things down in order to get up and over, like advancing in your career. Your sign’s patron, Mercury, teams up with Neptune by conjunction on Saturday.  Take a lesson from Neptune, whose close proximity to Mercury provides a cloak of mystery. This means you should keep your ideas for changing and advancing closer to your chest or be extremely selective with who you conspire with on your way up.  Otherwise, if you’re out in the open with your thoughts now, they may only end up being complicated by those who don’t have your best interests at heart.

Cancer  (June 21st to July 21st)
You may second-guess yourself way too much this week.  I suspect it’s because you’ve bought into the idea that reason is much better and clearer than what your gut, experience or memory have to offer. It’s not true that if you can’t detail or ex-plain something, then it’s probably wrong.  That’s exactly the kind of thing that someone like Malcolm Gladwell has written books, like Blink, to debunk. But you already know this, Cancer! So I’m not sure who’s gasing you into thinking you can’t see what you’re seeing or know what you’re knowing, but please don’t listen. Of course, it’s natural to wonder if you’re delusional or misperceiving the opportunities ahead of you. But don’t let wonder turn into ugly worry, leading ultimately to procrastination or fear.

Leo  (July 22nd to August 21st)
Last week I talked about Venus showing up at your door in your opposite sign, Aquarius, to bring beautiful things in your life…and to beautify you more.  But maybe you just didn’t feel ready or open to all of that just yet. From an astrological point of view, you had good reasons. Saturn continues to play the heavy, as he continues to move backwards in the night sky. So you may feel too weighty to fly with Venus to ramp up your powers of attraction. But you have options here. You don’t have to sink down with Saturn, nor do you have to force yourself to rise up with Venus, or put undue attention on yourself when you don’t feel it. You merely have to recognize you have options.  As spring kicks in more, you’re also likely to get more enthusiasm to reach for more of those options.

Virgo (August 22nd to September 21st)
Your greatest strength and weakness is that you think the world should make sense. When you’re keeping the world organized, informed and efficient, you are convinced of this as your strength…and you’re right to see it as such. However, inevitably, there are the moments when you have plugs and no apparent ports or outlets for connec-tion, when you have images and thoughts racing past the words and hands to capture them, or when someone seems to speak past you even though you’re speaking the same language. This weekend may be such a time, since your planetary patron, clear-minded Mercury, joins at the celestial hip with foggy Neptune. You’ll only make this weekend harder to endure if you insist on everything making sense. You’d do better to accept things at face value.

Libra (September 22nd to October 21st)
When the Sun goes in your opposite sign, Aries, on Thursday, you may no longer feel the pressure to make all of the decisions and instead may decide to defer the tough de-cision-making to others, including a partner or person with whom you have regular one-on-one contact. On some level, this may be a welcomed relief, allowing yourself a much-needed break.  And you may feel comfortable deferring to others, especially if they seem clearer-minded about things than you are right now. However, don’t defer too much. It’s okay to feel unsure of what you should do next, and it’s easy to succumb to pressure from others to hurry up and make a choice for your future.  However, if you rush out of that uncertain space without feeling even a little bit more certain or comfortable about your next steps, then you could jump out prematurely and miss an opportunity to flex your analytical muscles.

Scorpio (October 22nd to November 21st)
There may be an opportunity to start over with something or someone this week that’s staring you in the face…and you could miss out on it for a few reasons.  One reason is that you could be salty about something that happened in your recent past. If you’ve aired your grievances about what went wrong, then it’s time to let all of that go. If you haven’t done that venting, now is the time to get it out. Another rea-son you could miss out now is your reluctance to veer away from the familiar and towards something new, especially in your routines at work. If you find yourself saying, “But I’ve always done it this way,” you’re not recognizing that your reality has changed.  This spring, let inspiration be your guide into discovering new capa-bilities and methods.

Sagittarius (November 22nd to December 21st)
Sagittarius is the sign of the Archer. It may, therefore, seem obvious to you that the act of hitting your target is a matter of seeing, aiming and then shooting straight. This week, and especially this weekend, you may learn that this is not always true.  You can get a sense of a different truth when you see or read about blindfolded archers like the ones in Eugen Herrigel’s classic book, Zen and the Art of Archery (highly recommended!). The real art of hitting your target is more about you than your sight of the target itself. You can’t be as high strung as your bow, so to speak. You have to be willing to release a shaft of yourself when go for your mark. Shed some of your worries, don’t get caught up in your feelings, imaginings, or fears, close your eyes, breathe deep, visualize your target in your mind and go for it!

Capricorn (December 22nd to January 20th)
Building on your gains and lessons learned while Venus traveled through your sign over the last few months may prove a lot harder than it sounds. In particular, it may seem hard to pinpoint what exactly those lessons were or if you have any tangible way to describe those gains. Of course, the specifics are going to be different for each person. In general, one lesson learned should have been that your resources are limited only by your conception of yourself and how you convey your value to oth-ers. This is how you “magnetize” money. For instance, if you only conceive of your-self as someone’s employee, then you’ll only draw money to yourself for your em-ployer’s use. A shift can happen when you conceive of yourself beyond that current scope. Think beyond any titles you have and focus more on the value you create for others.

Aquarius (January 21st to February 18th)
Generally, your sign is less invested in material concerns and more into dreams and ide-als that may or may not bring in money. However, you could be trying something new now, focusing on the rewards of this material plane before your dreams and ideals.  That’s probably not going to work for you. Yet it’s become clear that you do have to start paying attention to cash flow, whether it’s barreling or trickling into your bank account. Fortunately, a hook up between mentally alert Mercury and dreamy Neptune this week-end could direct you to an answer now.  You may get insight on how to bring in more dollars while also serving a loftier, dreamier purpose at the same time.   

Pisces (February 19th to March 20th)  
Your birthday season finishes on Thursday, but you may still have a lot to marinate before you move on. When waters run as deep as yours, Pisces, it takes time for shafts of insight to get to your lower depths. When mentally astute Mercury swing-dances with imaginative and creative Neptune by conjunction this weekend in your sign, you would benefit from anything that stirs your own imagination and care for something fanciful. You might feel inclined to participate in the high energy of spring once the Sun goes into fiery Aries on Thursday, so do that. But you may not be ready or able to do a lot of talking or sharing about what’s going on deep inside. This is when you could experience the most frustration.  You can’t be coerced into somebody else’s idea of a good time or being open. Only be content to wade out with those who are willing to let you “swim” at your own pace and depth.

Samuel F. Reynolds is a NYC-based astrologer. As an Ebony reader, you’re eligible for discounted fees for in person or by phone/skype consultations. For more info, visit, write [email protected] or follow on Twitter at @sfreynolds.