Aries (March 21st to April 19th)
Tuesday’s solar eclipse may help ground you this week. Although you’ve had a lot of energy surging through you for the last few weeks, perhaps you’ve had the most difficulty figuring out how and when to channel it. This week’s new moon, which also doubles as a solar eclipse, is in earthy Taurus. Once the eclipse happens, over the next few months, you should find it easier to do what’s necessary to build up your personal wealth and overall health. Venus also alights in your sign on Friday to brighten your weekend. Her heat and enthusiasm will keep you from being too grounded and sensible. (You are THE first of fire signs, after all!) However, don’t let the thrill of the chase for whatever (or whoever) out distance your charm or clarity for what you truly desire now.

Taurus (April 20th to May 21st)
Keep in mind that Tuesday’s solar eclipse is actually a super-charged new moon in your sign. What’s extra sweet about new moons is that they bring renewal and a renaissance. So, the first stage of manifestation for this eclipse over the next couple of months will likely begin this week. Fortunate for you, you may find that some of the things or people who’ve been driving you crazy for the last month won’t be able to do that anymore. It’s as if you’ve re-configured your CTRL+ALT+DEL setup and they don’t know which buttons to press to disturb your groove. You also will probably feel the resurgence of an interest in a person or activity that you’ve kept off your public radar. The key word here is “interest,” so don’t make too much of it or any big plans about it all yet.

Gemini  (May 21st to June 20th)
This new moon/solar eclipse has a lot brimming beneath the surface for you. Most of it is personal rather than professional, so it may be hard to sort out what you’re feeling with colleagues or many of your friends. At a new moon, we’re pressed to initiate new activities or renew what’s been outdated and outmoded. This is doubly or even triply true for a solar eclipse. The hard part for you over the next few weeks will be surfacing where you need to direct this renewal energy. When Venus goes into Aries on Friday, you might gain a clue by changes in your social circle. You could meet a new friend or companion who gets you fired about something that could lead to “big thangs.” This weekend is also be a good one to get out and meet new people too.

Cancer  (June 21st to July 21st)
This week’s solar eclipse/new moon in Taurus is going to bring home the importance of your network as instrumental in building your net worth. Although you often feel more comfortable with being there for others, it’s time to allow and request others to be there for you. And let’s be clear: not everyone can and will be there. You’ll have to be careful not to let bitterness about that surge up in your heart. There ain’t no time for that. When Venus goes into Aries on Friday, she’ll be there for most of the month. This marks an important time to go after what you want with vim and vigor. However, you’re going to have to be sure that you want it and that you’re not pursuing your desires out of boredom or the need for a temporary thrill. It’s time to firm up your foundations.

Leo  (July 22nd to August 21st)
Life could serve you some tonic that’ll get feeling better, though it might be hard to pinpoint how or why from a real-world angle. It’s more than likely that nothing significant has happened to explain the shift, so here’s a way to look at it from a heavenly perspective. For starters, this Tuesday’s solar eclipse doubles as a new moon in the sector of your celestial chart that deals with career and opportunity. Things are looking up for you, though you may not have clear evidence for this yet. Right now, it may only be a sixth sense. On Friday, Venus bolts into Aries! This could bring the inspirational spark you’ve been looking for, especially from a philosophical or spiritual slant. Maybe you’ll find it easier to forgive Life for not giving you a detailed itinerary of late, but it has given you most of what you need to make the journey.

Virgo (August 22nd to September 21st)
This Tuesday’s solar eclipse doubles as a new moon and can bring a good deal of understanding and wisdom in its wake to you. However, this is all going to cost you something. If you don’t have to fork over dollars on the Altar of Wisdom & Experience, then you’ll have to give sweat, tears, or energy to chase after what you want. Chase is definitely the right word here, and there’s likely nothing cute, dainty, or dignified about how you’ll have to pursue it. There’s also no sense sitting down with real or imagined schemata for how you’ll set the perfect trap to get what you want. There’s a simple reason. The chase itself is what’s most necessary now, not so much the catching of what you’re chasing. Don’t fixate too much on the catching, but feel the joy of desiring and being alive.

Libra (September 22nd to October 21st)
You could have a high amount of “come hither, go away!” energy between you and a significant other this week. From the perspective of others, this reads as your celebrated indecisiveness, and you could find it hard to defend it as otherwise. However, perhaps the better phrase that you’re looking for is “come here, but not too close.” With this Tuesday’s solar eclipse/new moon, you’re very much interested in maintaining your own sense of space and you aren’t going to be fond of sharing too much of it. However, you can part with some of it. You’re also reserving a good amount of physical and psychic space to sit with your thoughts rather than share all that’s percolating within. If you’re clearer upfront with how close you want to connect with someone, Libra, then you stand a better chance of avoiding confusion and cries of indecisiveness with folks later.

Scorpio (October 22nd to November 21st)
Tuesday’s new moon packs a powerful punch as a solar eclipse in the relationship sector of your life. This eclipse is a companion to another solar eclipse that was in your sign in November. Now you could also face issues or situations that you were managing back then. This time you have experience and sharper instincts on your side. The key is to trust yourself to do the right thing rather than overthinking or looking over your shoulder. If you don’t believe in the authority of your life to live it, then chances are you have given that authority to someone else. Now it’s time to live your truth on your terms. You’ll know that you’re more in touch with your authority when you feel motivated and confident rather than only irritated when someone oversteps into your turf.

Sagittarius (November 22nd to December 21st)
There is a couple of celestial events that happen this week that will let you know that spring has finally sprung for you, no matter the temperature outside. First, on Tuesday, there’s a new moon that’s amped up on solar eclipse star-oids. It’s likely to manifest as big changes with your routes to and from work or your routines at work. These changes may have parallels to plans or thoughts you only toyed with in November or December; but now it’s easier for them to take effect. The other aspect that puts spring more into full effect is Venus leaping into Aries. This could light a fuse in your romantic sector and get you thrilled about enjoying yourself more. For instance, it’s time to warm up a dance floor or set a card table on fire with friends this weekend.

Capricorn (December 22nd to January 20th)
This Tuesday’s Taurus solar eclipse is a high-powered new moon searing through all your romantic and pleasure muscles. It will both make for stronger muscles and be uncomfortable. There’s no getting around having to work these muscles now, and you won’t be able to drown out the pain with work. In fact, you could experience more obstacles on the job front this week for that very reason. You’re supposed to step into the rough edges of your romantic life with abandon and awareness. At times, this could summon a wash of varying emotions, such as anger, anxiety, enthusiasm, or boredom. However, don’t rush to change how you feel, and you don’t have to fear that any particular mood will stay too long. It won’t. Just stay clear and sober now. You’ll need all your faculties at their peak.

Aquarius (January 21st to February 18th)
Tuesday’s new moon is also a highly charged solar eclipse in the sector of your chart that deals with all things related to home and family. Going back to home base, literally and mentally, is what you’ll need to both recharge and renew yourself for the season. When Venus goes into Aries on Friday, you’ll also find that close to home is a wonderful place to rediscover what or who excite you and keeps your spirits up. You may also find yourself better able to express love and appreciation to others, especially neighbors or siblings. In recent weeks, you’ve been a peace broker who, perhaps, sometimes has had to be hardcore to keep the peace. This week is your time to have a little more peace yourself. Enjoy as much of it as you can, without guilt.

Pisces (February 19th to March 20th)
This week’s new moon/solar eclipse fires up more of your nervous system and energy than you may have expected. All of this goes a lot better, however, when you have a clear plan for this energy. Otherwise, you could get busy doing a whole lot of nothing with not much at the end of the day to show for it. There are some practical things to manage this though. First, stay as natural as you can and don’t take a lot of unnatural stimulants or relaxants now. You’re recalibrating your rhythms and substances will only keep you off balance. Next, use the boost of energy to concentrate on what consolidates your finances and resources. So, for example, if cleaning out the attic is only to burn off some calories and not to clear space to work up there or salvage something for monetary gain, then leave it for later in the season.