Aries (March 21st to April 19th)
Things start to move forward, just not as fast or well as you’d like.
Right at the start of the week, Mars starts to move forward in Libra after appearing to go backward for 2.5 months. On the superficial level, you probably feel like you’ve played enough catch up with stalled projects, partners and your own psychological hang-ups and issues for the year. Now you’re more than likely to see some movement. However, don’t get your hopes up too high. This isn’t going to all happen fast, and there’s still more work to be done, namely with partners (if you have one) and your own attitude adjustment with folks in general, whether you have a partner or not. We all love your fierce independence most of the time, but there is a time when you have to learn give and take. In your case, you might see this week that you may not be able to take it as well as you give it.

Taurus (April 20th to May 21st)
Be content about where you are now, rather than what’s next.
Finally, you may feel your energy, money, prospects, and intimate relationships are in their groove. All of this either makes you happy, or, at least, not cause any new distress. This is not the time to fret, though, because that will only leave you depleted. It’s time to embrace the anticipation with a measure of contentment. People often think that contentment comes when they have everything they want. Even on the rare occasion when that happens, there’s no assurance that you can keep that kind of contentment. The kind of contentment you could have now rests on knowing you’ve done all that you could to be where you are. If you haven’t done that, then stay content, because you’ll get fresh round to be more active with a new menu of choices very soon.

Gemini  (May 21st to June 20th)
Do you, but don’t cross doing with others completely off your list.
With Mars finally moving forward in the part of your chart that gets your endorphins flowing, this is an excellent time for most kinds of physical activity, whether that’s stepping up your swimsuit readiness routine or, um, all the things you like to do in your birthday suit. However, it’s not the best of times to be a team player with a bunch of folks who can’t play the game, you don’t like or just suck, especially if you tried to be a team player with them last week. Awesome if you got it like that, not so much if not. See, you aren’t going to have much energy for much else other than doing what you want to do. Your best course of action would be to prioritize what you enjoy, but not let your other lackluster activities fall completely off your to-do list. You can’t be that self-indulgent!

Cancer  (June 21st to July 21st)
Like charity, you might see this week that grouchiness also starts at home.
From an astrological point of view, the Cosmos likes to play sleight of hand tricks, like when you look at one hand while the action is happening in the other. In this week’s case, the action needs to happen at home, though you might believe that most of your real issues and concerns are at work. For instance, you could think you’re grouchy at work because your boss is plumb acting a fool and complicating your life. No doubt your boss could be making a bad situation worse, but you might have started off grouchy because your mattress sucks and you’re not sleeping well. With Mars finally moving forward in your home sector this week, it’s time to take notice of and action with what’s irritating you and complicating your life before you even step out of the door.

Leo  (July 22nd to August 21st)
Stay true to what you know and others will stay true to you.
As a former minister, I can tell you that there’s a difference between sharing the “good news” and telling people what they should do. I said last week that seeing is believing and then doing something about it. Well, this week embrace that believing is also living it and then sharing what you know as true from that experience. When you get into doing more than that, then you’re either attempting to sell a bill of goods that you actually haven’t purchased yourself or, worse, shaping your opinions into facts that may not be true for someone else. Stay true to your authentic experience of what’s true and you’ll be able to avoid a lot of conflict this week. If you choose to do otherwise, then expect some pushback from folks. This would be a shame, because these same folks could be allies if you stay authentic and gracious.

Virgo (August 22nd to September 21st)
Go for yours with a friendly and open attitude.
You’ll probably find it easier to get what you want without too much fuss or fanfare. In fact, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to enlist friends for projects or adventures now, even if it’s only to pick something up at the mall. You’ll be building a dearer connection while enjoying getting what you want. Overall, your finances should improve with budding opportunities now. The key is to keep a positive frame of mind and not be petty about money, especially with friends or partners. There are bigger things at stake regarding your financial health, such as the rest of your goals for the year, and that’s where you most have to move forward. There’s more power in your hands to increase your slice of life, so don’t get distracted by stuff you won’t even remember tomorrow.

Libra (September 22nd to October 21st)
Show the world how much grace you can maintain, whether the pressure’s on or off.
When Mars stops going backward in Libra, I imagine there may be celebrations around the world for those who care about these things. It signals a time when you can feel like you’re able to walk across the Life’s graduation stage to get your diploma. And like that moment, this is the time we’re all praying that you don’t act a fool while on your way to honoring your achievements and seizing your future. Mars signifies action, and his moving forward signifies a time when you can take action based on how you’ve revisited and learned from the past. You could feel elated from this forward-moving energy, but don’t take the joke too far. You might think back to last December, for example, when you possibly relished your increased ability to be productive; but it also came at the cost of having less patience with people. Now it’s time to show how much grace you’ve acquired, whether under fire or not.

Scorpio (October 22nd to November 21st)
Look before you leap into touchy situations.
Your sign’s patron, Mars, is finally moving forward in Libra after 2.5 months of appearing to go backward. Before you think you can ride off into anybody’s sunset or –rise with ease, let’s remember what happens when something that’s stalled suddenly starts to move again—things could jerk back & forth and steering comes at a high premium to avoid more ruin. All these apply to what’s going with you this week. Be careful of jumping into anything with both feet, because there could be unintentional fall out from even doing the slightest thing. This doesn’t mean you should crawl into a cave or stay in your bed, but you definitely should toe-dip into emotionally-charged events before you go all the way in. You’re also more likely to take offense for an action that’s entirely misperceived on your part.

Sagittarius (November 22nd to December 21st)
There’s a fine line between passion and obsession, so make sure your monocle or glasses are on.
You may have indeed found the right admixture of passion last week and that’s what prepares you to uncork it this week with folks. With Mars finally moving forward after 2.5 months, you could find it easier to pal around with either a greater number of people or find a closer connection with a current friend (or even love interest). It’s all a matter of getting a vision of where you’re going, but you have to stumble, prance and gallop around some before you know where. Perhaps your quietly obsessive tendencies are a way of attempting to rein all of that movement before its time, as if you’re a Scorpio or something. (You ain’t.)  Leave the solitary ways of control for the sign you left behind before you were born. Embrace the freedom and joy of gallivanting with others who are ready to cast some of their cares to the wind too.

Capricorn (December 22nd to January 20th)
Go easy, not crazy once it’s clear you can move forward with your desires and dreams.
When Mars finally stops appearing to go backwards at the top of the week, I imagine that I might hear a mass sighing of relief from Capricorns all around the globe, especially with all things related to career and jobs. Projects, collaborations, and activities that have been stalled or hard to rein in will be easier to manage and push forward. All of this might feel like how you can shift to a smoother gear after being on a bumpy road. Yet, like shifting gears, you also have to change something up so you don’t go into overdrive or go faster than good sense would permit. Your best efforts for moving things ahead are at the top of the week. By the time you get to the weekend, you should hang back and see how much momentum you have before carrying on with more.

Aquarius (January 21st to February 18th)
Trust the wisdom of the road, and enjoy the ride.
You still have the benefit of a downwind, Aquarius, to push you forward.  Nonetheless, you may still have ambivalence about how to move forward, with whom or where. Most likely, you will wring your hands and have some unnecessary anguish about it all. Yes, unnecessary is the right word. Often, the path ahead will tell you how fast you can go, how far, with whom and where…once you get on it. However, you must get on it first. There’s no sense fretting about what to do before you actually make a move. If it helps, what you’re learning and embarking on now is an adventure. Adventures are quite different from focusing on the destination and what you’re going to do once you get there. Now is the time to enjoy the quality of your journey itself. Let that feeling be your better guide, rather than let fretting get the worse of you.

Pisces (February 19th to March 20th)  
Don’t sacrifice quality to save money or time.
Most times, there’s always a higher price to pay for attempting to do things on the cheap, rather than the cost-effective side. You definitely don’t want to reach for cheap solutions now. Cheap is when you attempt to have the least quality product or experience by expending the least amount of cash or effort, usually for the fastest results. If you want to be cost-effective, then, by all means, seek out sound quality by spending as little as you can. Yet, stick with quality. With Mars shifting finally out of his apparent backward motion, you can feel more confident doing what it takes to improve the quality of your life, especially when it comes to making money. If you’re going to enroll in a class for skills improvement or travel to broaden your perspective, don’t skimp out of fear or rushing. Be thrifty by being fully informed about the choices you can make at a budget you can swing.