Aries (March 21st to April 19th)
There’s a real danger of burnout this week especially toward the weekend, if you’re not careful. (And we know you don’t want that, especially if there are any prospects of good spring weather for a change.) You can avoid the burnout, however, if you don’t let the proverbial cart get way ahead of the horse in a few key areas in your life such as your money and your expectations with people. With your money, there could be delays or obstacles with getting paid, if that’s what’s scheduled this weekend. Stash away some cash. You might also have overestimated how much cash you have on hand. With people, be mindful of expecting them to match your fire now. Some folks just may not be able to do that, so you’ll either have to breakout Plan B or adjust your level some so won’t wear out your patience.
Taurus (April 20th to May 21st)
Nothing clarifies whether you want something like enduring resistance and obstacles. This is likely your week for that. That’s usually a thorny issue for bulls because y’all like to meet resistance with pushback or even by charging ahead. However, sometimes it’s better to let whatever or whoever is pushing back against you to move around you or to allow yourself to be an immovable object without much effort. Your extra energy would be better channeled on what you want to achieve, not the obstacles that crop up. This could be a particularly pressing issue for you toward the weekend. You might also need to make a move on that romantic interest or activity that I mentioned last week. Right now, the action doesn’t need to be big; it only needs to be clearly made.
Gemini  (May 21st to June 20th)
For the most part, reason and thinking are the hallmarks for how you live your life. But every now and again, life throws curveballs to remind you that it ain’t all gonna make sense and that there are limits to what reason and thinking can do. This is when things usually get “interesting” for you, and by interesting I mean it either can prompt you to pull your hair out or just lie in bed and make constellations out of anything that you can spot on the ceiling. My quick survival guide to avoiding most of this craziness starts with you recognizing that some of these curveballs could be your own fears thrown back at you. If you’re meeting resistance with someone at work, for instance, fear is what could transform it into a fight. Take a different tack, or pull back altogether for another day.

Cancer  (June 21st to July 21st)
You could have a friend or colleague who has the best of intentions for you, but who might attempt to know better what’s good for you than you. You will likely have to find a gentle (or not-so-gentle) way of letting him or know know who’s the true authority in your life. (The way you handle this depends on the offense and how close you are to the person making it, of course.) The key is not to let any tension build momentum this week, because it will likely snowball into the weekend. You may not be able to say everything that’s been on your mind, but you only need to say enough to diffuse potentially explosive situations. You’ll be able to do a better job of unpacking what’s behind some of those intentions next week.
Leo  (July 22nd to August 21st)
Most of this week will likely see you on the sunnier side of Life’s lane. You should focus on accomplishing as much as you can during the workweek. It will certainly help to be in a chipper mood. If you have a few moments when you’re not as sunny, you can check in with your favorite source of inspiration to shift your energy. However, when the Sun, your patron, faces off against crusty Saturn on Saturday is around the time you could feel motivated to do less. One respectable option is to actually slow down and not attempt to do as much. Another option is to narrow your field of activity, but intensify your attention. For instance, it’s a very good time to study any heavy stuff you have to learn or you’ve wanted to read. You may not be able to vary widely with what you engage, but you can think deeply now.

Virgo (August 22nd to September 21st)
This weekend is when you can sit down to build better traps for more of the things you want rather than chasing after them. You have several things on deck in the heavens to help. There’s a face-off between serious Saturn and the sunny Sun to assist you with focus and discipline if you find something worthy of that kind of attention. (If not, then you might direct your energy on yourself and could likely feel heavy. Find something meaty to study or do.) Fortunately, there’s high energy to be had with the face-off between Mars and Venus as well. This could add some spiciness in your life, if you’re in a relationship, and some flirtatiousness and spiked interest from someone if you’re not. Lastly, on Sunday, analytical Mercury squares off with inspiring Neptune to facilitate you intuitively connecting dots that just haven’t been connecting—but only if you relax.

Libra (September 22nd to October 21st)
If you’ve been using excuses to conceal how you really feel about someone or how you’re sharing space or time with him or her, then you’re not going to get past the weekend with those excuses. The truth will be unleashed, somehow. If we’re talking a partner or family member, we’re not talking about a full out argument then, per se, but a tentative resolution of what you both need to have peace. Fortunately, resolutions also release energy, and you could have an extra jolt of energy on the weekend. This could work great if you have a lot to do, like an event to organize or attend. However, this energy could be challenging if you haven’t made plans, especially romantic ones. Your libido could scale itself up to 10…out of 10. So, um, have plans.

Scorpio (October 22nd to November 21st)
It’s likely that the most exciting part of this week, from an astrological point of view, will be this weekend. However, this is the kind of excitement that you need to manage, much like a 6 year-old at a toy store, so let me break it down. When the Sun locks into a celestial dance-off against “Takes-himself-way-too-seriously” Saturn on Saturday, this could also be when you face off against someone who takes him or herself way too seriously. We know you can’t stand that. You can keep it moving, like the Sun’s going to do, by giving enough respect, but not getting riled up about someone else’s misperceptions of authority in your life. Similarly, you can use the inflamed passions between Mars and Venus this weekend to spice up your romantic life, but, again, don’t let things get out of hand. A little could become a lot in short order over nothing. Keep the energy playful.
Sagittarius (November 22nd to December 21st)
Although there’s a lot of ink spilled about freedom whenever your sign comes up, there probably should be more to say about your relationship to control too. For instance, Sagittarian Howie Mandel exhibits many of the hilarious and gregarious traits of your sign. However, he’s also open about his struggles with OCD and ADHD too. I’ve seen this in many Sagittarians, in some form or fashion, and you could have a flare up of it. To paraphrase what a Sag said to me recently, you don’t like the idea of missing anything. This week’s celestial clue comes through the standoff between the Sun and controlling Saturn set for this Saturday. The greatest wisdom about freedom is to know when it has its limits. The same goes for control, so be mindful that you can only control so much.

Capricorn (December 22nd to January 20th)
In your hands, Capricorn, destiny is a real thing, not some mere abstraction reserved for old women with crystal balls for a distant future or a thing to revere retrospectively in the dusty biographies of legendary captains of industry. It can happen just before 5 am while wiping a dream out of your eyes or at lunch when you decide not to stop to eat in order to finish one last thing— just after that other last thing you finished 2 hours before. For you, destiny is more like the taste of what your life should look or feel like, similar to how you know the bite and grind of your own teeth. It’s nothing that anyone else can tell you or fully explain. You just know and have to act accordingly. You may have an uneasy moment about that sense this weekend. However, don’t confuse “unease” with wrong.
Aquarius (January 21st to February 18th)
The standoff between stodgy Saturn and the lively Sun this Saturday could mirror how you feel about your own relationship with your job or work now. Work is likely to be the stodgy place where you could feel stuck and ready for things to get lively. You might have even tricked yourself into thinking that everything would change if a particular person or thing were out of the way. It might sound cruel to say that it’s not really about that person or thing, but that’s how it looks through my telescope. It looks more like this is a moment to figure out whether you really want to be where you are at all. It’s time to face that you’ll have to get out of a comfort zone that’s hasn’t been comfortable for awhile. Facing that possible fact is a lot harder than deflecting it on someone else.

Pisces (February 19th to March 20th)
Sharing your wisdom is usually the way by which you acquire more, especially when you feel stuck with your own growth and learning. This may be what this Saturday’s standoff between stodgy Saturn and the spirited Sun is telling you. You may likely feel bored and even cagey. You might also run into problems with an authority figure. These possible events and feelings all reflect a moment where you’re called upon to be an authority figure, of some kind, yourself. You don’t have to wait for something or someone outside of yourself. You may not feel ready or even particularly “moved” to risk sharing something new or old; but it could be just the thing to open you up…and, in turn, open the Cosmos’ storehouse of blessings and lessons for you. As usual, what you do doesn’t have to be grand; it only needs to be sincere.