Aquarius ([January 21st to February 18th]

#MeTime: Your birthday season could prove exceptionally enjoyable and fulfilling by striking the right balance between the shine you put on yourself and what you put on others. Of course, you may not feel that others are giving you your proper due, but be sure you’re clear on what’s actually due to you. Otherwise, you could appear as a Drama King/Queen.


#Heartstrings: During the third week of the month, your patron planet, Saturn, and Mercury reverse their course and that might prompt some disconnects with partners, friends and co-workers. Be sure you’re making your needs and desires loud and clear while respecting other people’s right to not fulfill those needs…or be not.

#MoneyMoves: Pruning away unnecessary expenses and charges will also set the tone for a more prosperous year. No big worries if you’re having some monetary setbacks.  Things will glide forward toward the end of the month or the beginning of the next.

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