Zoe Saldana is launching a digital media company, BESE (pronounced “bee-say”). The name is a combination of the word “be” in English and “se,” the Spanish word to know.

The 39-year-old actress says the platform is aimed at millennials and Gen-Z Latinx. As she believes they are the most underrepresented in mainstream media. From there Saldana’s team will branch out to help tell the stories of people of color as a whole. The company will do so by hiring people of color so the story can be determined from the inside out. BESE will produce digital stories in editorial, video and podcast form.

Saldana told “US Weekly,” “The mission of BESE is to reshape the cultural narrative by shining light on the untold story that reflects today’s America, that also meant creating opportunities for content creators in the tech and digital world that haven’t necessarily been given the opportunity that they deserve.”

With the success of Black Panther, Saldana also spoke on the need for minority communities to have role models and heroes onscreen. ” “It is important for us to reflect on all kinds of role models and trailblazers that we’ve had past and present. Because one thing that’s for certain, especially given this box office record-breaking hit with Black Panther, is that we need heroes. We need role models that reflect who we are in order for us to cultivate inspiration.”